The trek connects refuges and shelters on both sides of the border: The Certascan, The Presbytery in Aulus-les-Bains, Gîte l'Escolan in Bidous (Ustou) and camping Bordes de Graus in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees in Catalonia and the Regional Natural Park of the Pyrenees in France.

Herewith some important features of this trek:

  • The cumulative vertical drop is 9500 meters and the distance is 65 km. It can be done in four stages.
  • Be aware of the length and difficulty of the stages, the big differences of altitude, and very large distances between the shelters.
  • Sometimes there is a lack of signage.
  • The climate is severe, with snow possible late in the season, and fog on the slopes of the Ariège.
  • The trek is reserved for hikers and climbers used to walking in the mountains.
  • To facilitate hiking, the trails are generally marked with paint. We also offer GPS rental with marked trek. There is also a specific map available.
  • The accommodations are comfortable.
  • During the trek you will discover several glacial mountain lakes such as Lake Certascan, which is the largest natural lake in the Pyrenees mountain, lake Blaus, Romedos The Port, the Cascade d'Ars, etc...
  • You will pass different vegetation zones. Deciduous forests, which are especially impressive on the French side with species such as the giant beech, pine trees, bogs and alpine meadows.
  • About wildlife: you will observe all different types of birds, wild boars, hares, chamois, Pyrenean ibexes, grouses, ospreys, marmots, and bears (if you are very lucky).