This trek, leads you trough the "Parc Natural de l'Alt Pirineu in the Pallars Sobirà" in Catalonia, and the "Parc Natural Régional des Pyrénées Ariégeoises" in France. You will make a couple of stops at several shelters and refuges located in a beautiful nature and scenery.
There are forests with deciduous trees, pine-trees, and spruce-firs. You will cross alpine meadows, and pass a lot of beautiful lakes. These unspoiled mountains are a shelter for a unique flora and fauna. In this scenery, you could see mountain goats, marmots, and the vulture. Here the black grouse and the brown bear live their secret lives.

Besides the impressing nature, these mountains also have played an important role in human history during the last century's. Think about the Jews fleeing the Holocaust, the Franquetists and the republic Spanish fleeing the regime. Those who traversed these mountains safely were able to start a new life, but many died during their flee to freedom.

It is within this historical context that we walk this trek, to honor all those who have suffered persecution, economic hardship or any other reason which led them through the foothills of the Pyrenees and over the Mountains of freedom.


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Francesc Monsonís

Bárbara V. Hoeven

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